Every item* purchased at Eaton-Young Galleries comes with a manufacturer warranty.

To inquire about your specific warranties or to file a claim or report a problem, please contact us at mac@eatonyoung.com and we will be happy to help.

warrantyThere are some industry wide general warranties.  All wood products (bedrooms, dining rooms, tables, etc.) come with a 1 year warranty.  This warranty would cover, but not limited to season splits, cracks, drawer separations, drawer glide issues, dining room chair problems and defects in glass or mirrors.  The same 1 year warranty applies to upholstery fabrics. These warranties would cover seam separations or other abnormal wear on the fabric or leather.

Reclining (motion) furniture has several warranties that cover the frame, metal mechanisms, springs, foam cores, and other parts of the product.  Please contact us about manufacturer specific warranties.  If emailing or calling about a problem or issue, please have the serial/ID number available.  This is usually located under the reclining footrest or somewhere under the sofa, loveseat or chair.  We will need this number to service the product.

Non reclining upholstery also has manufacturers specific warranties that would cover, but limited to, foam cores, back fill, seat springs, frame, legs, etc.  Again please contact us at mac@eatonyoung.com to inquire about your specific warranties.

Mattress sets come with at least a 10 year warranty but again these are manufacturer specific.  Please contact us about warranties when purchasing a mattress only.  Mattress set warranties would cover, but not limited to, seam separation, noise, frame, and body impression.

* Items purchased "as is" or closeout may not have any warranties.  Please inquire about any available warranties when purchasing an "as is" or closeout item.

Eaton-Young will attempt to service all items purchased here.  We will follow manufacturers' warranties and guidelines for service.  All items will require service before being discounted or replaced.  All replacements must be authorized by the manufacturer's representatives.  Every service issue is different and each case will be handled on a case by case basis.  In some cases the issue can be resolved at the customer home but in other cases the item must be returned to our store for inspection/repair.

All items come with a 1 year labor warranty.  Any issue reported within 1 year will be serviced at no charge to the customer.  Any service related issues occurring after the 1 year manufacturer's labor warranty will be billed at an hourly rate.  The current rate (as of 1/1/14) is $55 per hour.