SmartStrand, EverStrand, and Wear-Dated nylon come together to create this rug, allowing for more expanded colors, enriched luster, and a broader range of textures. SmartStrand is made with triexta SmartStrand fibers, which comes from renewable resources. EverStrand is a premium recycled polyester fiber made from the highest-grade of plastic from recycled beverage bottles. Wear-Dated nylon is also a durable, resilient fiber. When used together, these three fibers provide stain resistance, easy cleaning and long lasting beauty, while being an environmentally friendly choice

Sizes Available:
2’1″ x 7’10”
3’6″ x 5’6″
5’3″ x 7’10”
6’7″ x 9’8″
8′ x 11′
9’6″ x 12’11”