Our Team


George Young

President & CEO

George started the company back in 1977, and has been an integral part of our success. With his vast knowledge and experience in the industry, he is a great source for ideas and products to help an entire room come together. Working practically 7 days a week, every week, you can come chat with him any time! Come meet George today!


Mary Beth Young

Vice President & CFO

Mary Beth has been working with the company since her husband George recruited her to “help out for a few months”…back in 1984! She’s been with the company ever since and you can find her running the show inside our offices!


Mac Young

VP of Operations

Mac has been working for Eaton-Young since high school, helping out on the delivery trucks. He has since moved up in the company and now is head of operations. Also a trained sales team member, Mac can be seen all over the store! Come meet Mac today!


Lois McManus

Sales Team Member

Lois has been with Eaton-Young longer than any other staff member, almost since the beginning–1980! She is an expert when it comes to coordinated an entire room, from furniture and carpet to paint and window treatments. She has a great eye for wall art and accessories as well! Come chat with Lois today about how she can create an amazing space for you!


Joanne Wagoner

Sales Team Member

Joanne has been a great addition to the team since she came to Eaton-Young in 1995. She’s quite the expert with 17 years of experience helping customers create their living spaces! Come meet Joanne today!